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Vintage Team A&L is now Factory Works!

     Factory Works has been designing and manufacturing high quality aftermarket products for R/C cars and trucks since 1988. We started out as A&L Mfg., then in 1995 A&L Mfg. became two separate companies. Even though today we are known as Factory Works, we still stock and produce many of the older Vintage Team A&L Mfg. products.

     If you are looking for replacement parts for your Lethal Weapon, a new ball bearing steering kit, maybe a trailing arm conversion kit...then Factory Works is the right place to look. Maybe you are looking for a Street Eliminator chassis or some towers to slam your Slash...we can help with that as well!


Factory Works can also CNC cut G-10 fiberglass parts to your specs! Email for details


*prices & availability of parts on-line are subject to change without notice.